Friday, March 28, 2008

I’m Not There – a change of heart

Despite glowing reports from several Dylan Daily readers, I’d decided to wait for I’m Not There to make it to TV, or buy the DVD, whichever came first.

(I curtailed a lifelong cinema-going habit a few years ago, after traipsing to see Wild Strawberries again, and realising afterwards that I could have bought the DVD (and a reasonable DVD player) for less than the cost of the tickets and transport.)

But when I saw I’m Not There advertised for a local showing on Sunday 6 April, I had no hesitation in booking.

I can walk to the cinema from home; it’s conveniently on at mid-day, so the evening isn’t taken up; the local municipally-run art-house cinema deserves support. And, the clincher for a cheapskate: two seats cost me a total of £8.50.

Rave on, Ms Blanchett! Rave on Mr Haynes!

Gerry Smith