Friday, November 30, 2007

Dylan CDs at staggeringly low prices

With CD prices on a relentless downward spiral, Dylan fans can now fill gaps in their collection for a tiny outlay.

Leading online retailer, for example, has DYLAN, the new 3CD Deluxe Digipak at £18 – half price! It also currently has the following staggering offers (prices include delivery):

* The Basement Tapes 2CD, £7
* Bootleg Series v1-3 3CD, £14
* Biograph 3CD, £14
* Tripack – BIABH/H61R/BOB 3CD, £8
* Tripack – Infidels/OM/TOOM 3CD, £8

as well as innumerable single albums at £4.

These prices almost make me wish I hadn’t bought all this great product/art on release. Almost … .

Gerry Smith