Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Not There – soundtrack/film reviews

Thanks to Mike Ollier, regular contributor on The Dylan Daily’s companion site, www.musicforgrownups.co.uk:

“I just got I'm Not There this weekend and listened to disc one on my way to work this morning. Some of it is great, some not so (as expected).


* Sonic Youth (suprisingly),
* Dark Eyes,
* McGuinn,
* Los Lobos (can do no wrong, as ever!) and
* Willie.

“Not so great:

*Cat Power (what's the point of a slavish re-hash? Though I have to admit that I like the horns on here),
* Eddie Vedder (again, too much like the Hendrix or Band version),
* Jeff Tweedy (very disappointing from one of my fave singer/songwriters, again, too close to Dylan's version).”

And thanks to Martin Cowan for his link to a long feature article (aka “plug”) on the film in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph Magazine:


I don’t know about you, dear Dylan Daily reader, but this film is failing to engage my attention. It’s on at the Barbican, in London over Xmas, if you’re keen to see it.

Gerry Smith