Monday, December 22, 2008

Tell Tale Signs: the verdict - encore

Thanks to Jeremy Blackstone:

“Martin Cowan deserves warm thanks for his detailed examination of the three CDs of Tell Tale Signs. While I agree with many of his conclusions, here are some where my views are the exact opposite – I think Martin gets it wrong in each case:

* Dignity - slight, Dylan-by-numbers song.

* Everything is Broken - a slight song in Dylan's canon.

Both, especially Dignity, sound like important, high quality songs to me.

* Huck's Tune - One of the gems of this set, this song packs a huge emotional punch in the way the wistful lyrics, the folky tune and Dylan's heartfelt vocals all come together.

* 32-20 Blues - great outtake from World Gone Wrong.

Both sound overrated to me – under-written, slight.

“More disagreements about songs on CD2 and CD3 to follow.”