Friday, December 26, 2008

Tell Tale Signs: the verdict – encore #3

Thanks to Jeremy Blackstone:

“Martin Cowan deserves warm thanks for his detailed examination of the three CDs of Tell Tale Signs. While I agree with many of his conclusions, here are some where my views differ:


* Duncan and Brady: “A superb way to kick off the most expensive disc Dylan has ever released!”

Doesn’t work for me at all.

* Most of the Time # 2: “Superfluous.”

One of the best tracks on the three discs!

* Things Have Changed: “the vocal is lacklustre - not a great performance, Dylan sounds on autopilot here.”

A wonderful version.

* Born In Time: “inferior in every way to the superb Under The Red Sky version.”

I prefer this to all other versions.

“So there you go – over the three discs of the Deluxe version of Tell Tale Signs, there are many points of agreement and many disagreements between Martin and me.

“Does this indicate Dylan has just delivered another richly layered masterpiece? I suspect the answer’s ‘yes’.”