Monday, December 14, 2009

Tell Tale Signs box - Dylan collectable?

Thanks to Martin Gayford:

“Thanks for the useful site.

“I reckon the TTS box is collectable, but as the price fluctuations have been so extreme up to now, I wouldn't want to bet on its future status. It was advertised as limited on release, I think, but who knows how many were produced, or whether or not it'll appear in the future in an upgraded version?

“The real collectables as far as I can see are the LPs that were issued in small numbers during the ‘90s - BS Vol 1-3, GAIBTY, WGW, Unplugged and TOOM - all of which often go for over £50 each on ebay. I'd guess that the vinyl Bootleg Series box sets may also have been pressed in relatively small numbers (at least the 180 gram editions), so perhaps sealed copies would be worth buying as an investment.

“In terms of the products themselves, I think TTS has some absolutely essential stuff on it - spread over all 3 discs, so you need the deluxe - but also some stuff I would have left in the vault (some of the live tracks in particular) in favour of more studio outtakes, especially from L&T, of which there are none.

“The box is nice, but I still don't understand the reason for inclusion of the singles book - other than it makes the price hike (slightly) more acceptable - as it has nothing to do with the contents of the discs.

“On average we pay about £10 per CD in the UK, so even at the reduced £50 you'd expect 4 or 5 CDs, which Sony could easily have produced. It's not exactly hard to find 5 hours of quality material from at least 5 major album sessions and over 20 years of concert recordings. Charging £100 for 3 discs is asking for trouble, in my opinion.

“If the artist was primarily aimed at teenagers, Sony wouldn't have a chance of selling it at that price, but because Bob's audience are either 'serious' music lovers who can afford it, or crazed Dylan addicts that will sell their furniture to get it if they need to, Sony are pretty much guaranteed sales, which is quite manipulative I think.

“Anyway, now you know my opinion!”