Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas In The Heart: different class!

Thanks to David Harris:

“I too have resisted buying this till Xmas was nearer. I have been reading the various (mainly negative) reviews.

“Then yesterday morning on Radio 2 Johnny Walker played the crazy polka sound of “Must be Santa Claus” on the car radio on my way to work in the snow.

“Amid all the other Christmassy muzak we have to endure at this time of year, this (to my ear) was simply different class.

“Bob is one step ahead as usual.

“Will now go out and buy the album and play it for the next couple of weeks feeling good about the cause and enjoying the novelty of hearing the master having fun.

“Keep up the good work.

“Happy Christmas!”


And hearty Christmas greetings to all Dylan Daily contributors and readers!

Gerry Smith, Editor.