Tuesday, May 12, 2009

London O2 gig and the overpriced tour programme – encore…

Thanks to Paul Ryles:

“I think I share your opinion of the O2 Arena, but maybe not completely.

“The transport arrangements were nothing short of ridiculous for such a big venue. The boat service was woeful, the boat on the way there left early, so we missed it, along with 20 or so other people. We actually left the show early to catch the return trip, needless to say to the boat on the way back left late. I’d hate to go to another event where the tube wasn't running.

“The lack of screens did create a detachment from the performance, we sat in a corner of the top tier far from the stage. The experience was like listening to the music, but not really like attending a live show, quite an odd experience.

“I'm trying not to be the grumpy old man, but I agree 100% with your view about sales of food and drink. I don't understand why you would pay for a ticket then spend your time queuing at the bar or the toilets. I can understand why Van Morrison wanted to stop bar sales during his shows.

“For me the O2 was so huge it bordered on the incredible, not quite oppressive, even though you could probably fit the village I live in into the arena 10 times. From where I was sitting the view of the audience looking amazing, the sound was good, slight bassy reverb off the roof, but not half as bad as the SECC in Glasgow the next weekend.

“I'd actually like to go back to see an artist that really does connect with the audience, Prince in 2007 might just have been the perfect artist, but I wasn't there.

“The show itself, I thought, was excellent, as was your review. Highlights for me 'Til I Fell In Love With You, Hollis Brown and Hattie Carroll, my wife thought Workingman's Blues was better than the recorded version.”

And to John Jeffrey:

“I, too, thought the (European tour) programmes were over priced (£12), but I bought one in Glasgow on Saturday night when the price was "reduced" to a tenner.”