Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dylan back catalogue CDs: HMV bargains, and phantom new re-masters

Thanks to Martin Cowan:

“Dylan is HMV artist of the month. This means that a whole bunch of the hefty back catalogue is available at £5 per throw, and in my local branch they also had the new re-masters of "Basement Tapes" and "Before the Flood" for £8 apiece.

“This is a good chance to pick up any LPs that are missing from your collection!

“But, further to all the column inches sounding the death knell of CDs in favour of inferior downloads or inconvenient streaming, I’ve discovered that it is almost impossible to buy all the new Dylan re-mastered CDs anywhere.

“Amazon lists them, but only from other sellers, though it does seem possible to track them down via Ebay.

“Have any other Dylan Daily readers come across the latest wave of Dylan reissues in physical form?