Friday, March 20, 2009

Second issue of THE DYLAN DAILY Newsletter just circulated

The second issue of the re-launched DYLAN DAILY Newsletter has just been circulated to subscribers - copy below. If you didn’t receive a copy by email and wish to ensure that you get future issues, please subscribe (free of charge) using the box in the left margin of the main website:


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Hello again. Welcome to the second issue of the re-launched DYLAN DAILY Newsletter. As before, the newsletter lists articles published recently on THE DYLAN DAILY web site - - helping you catch up on any articles you might have missed.

If you haven't visited for a while, please take another look - you'll find original articles analysing all aspects of Dylan's ever-expanding creativity.

And please continue to send me your news and views - of gigs you've enjoyed, new releases, back catalogue discoveries and Dylan product of all kinds - for posting on the web site for Dylan fans.

Gerry Smith, Editor (email:

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* Dylan's debut record anniversary: 19 March 1962
* Together Through Life - "a great album": Uncut on the new Dylan release
* Dylan posters: my favourite - Isle Of Wight 1969
* New album: revealing Dylan interview on Together Through Life
* Dylan posters: your favourite?

* New Dylan CD - possibly Best Album Of 2009, according to MOJO
* Dylan the American poet
* Dylan Drawn Blank poster - all gone!
* Exclusive: iconic Dylan Drawn Blank painting - at a giveaway price


* The new Dylan album, according to Rolling Stone magazine
* Dylan: A Man Called Alias, by Richard Williams: is it worth buying?
* Michael Gray's Dylan and the blues gig: "fascinating and enjoyable"
* Theme Time playlists
* Is Theme Time running out of steam?

* Is Dylan's credibility in decline? No, insist readers
* Man In The Long Black Coat: Barb Jungr covers Dylan
* New Dylan album - conjecture summarised
* All Along The Watchtower by XTC: strikingly radical
* Freewheelin' shoot photograph - yours for £1,950

* Dylan jokes #1
* BBC Dylanfest this week
* Bob Dylan's albums: another beautiful little artefact
* Bob Dylan Lyrics - for German speakers: a beautiful little artefact
* Those Blowin' In The Wind TV ads for the Co-Op supermarket chain

* Folk America: a must-watch/record series
* Never Ending Tour: time to end it?
* Nature's voice: Dylan's everywhere! #1/2009
* William Zantzinger obituary
* Michael Gray to tour his BOB DYLAN & THE POETRY OF THE BLUES gig

* Series Of Dreams: a stimulating new study of Dylan the songwriter
* Street Legal re-masters: how good are they?
* Yet more new Dylan books in 2009
* Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid - enhancing the official CD


* Exclusive: iconic Dylan Drawn Blank painting - at a giveaway price

Man On A Bridge is a delightful Dylan painting. Now you can buy a copy - as a full-size poster - at a giveaway price.

The Lightbox gallery in Woking, near London, which recently hosted The Drawn Blank Series exhibition of Dylan paintings, has a few posters left and is selling them at a mere £4.50 (plus £3.00 p&p, UK); they can take payment by card over the phone - tel: +44 (0)1483 737809.

So if you fancied owning Man On A Bridge, the iconic signature image from Drawn Blank, but couldn't/wouldn't shell out the £2,300 for a framed signed limited edition, here's your chance to buy one for £2,292.50 less.

(Full text online at:

NB the gallery sold out the same day!


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