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Hello again. Apologies for the break in sending you your copy of THE DYLAN DAILY Newsletter. I had to curtail it for a while to focus on finishing my new book, MUSIC FOR GROWN-UPs. You won't be surprised to hear that Dylan is the book's hero - check it out at

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* Is Dylan's credibility in decline? No, insist readers
* Man In The Long Black Coat: Barb Jungr covers Dylan
* New Dylan album - conjecture summarised
* All Along The Watchtower by XTC: strikingly radical
* Freewheelin' shoot photograph - yours for £1,950


* Dylan jokes #1
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* Bob Dylan Lyrics - for German speakers: a beautiful little artefact
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* Folk America: a must-watch/record series
* Never Ending Tour: time to end it?
* Nature's voice: Dylan's everywhere! #1/2009
* William Zantzinger obituary
* Michael Gray to tour his BOB DYLAN & THE POETRY OF THE BLUES gig

* Series Of Dreams: a stimulating new study of Dylan the songwriter
* Street Legal re-masters: how good are they?
* Yet more new Dylan books in 2009
* Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid - enhancing the official CD


Is Dylan's credibility in decline? No, insist readers

Regular contributor Martin Cowan mused whether Dylan's credibility is in decline.

Not so, insist several readers:

* Thanks to Chris Floyd:
My response to Martin Cowan's -- what to call it? bill of potential indictment, maybe? -- is this:

He is neither on the ball nor off his rocker. He is simply exercising his right to be somewhat trivial and presumptuous -- a right that all humans have, and should freely exercise whenever they wish.

It also seems a bit silly to me. He says that how Dylan is to be "judged" following his next shows and next album is "crucial." ...

(Full text online at:

* Thanks to Liam Mogan:
Martin Cowan's 'shock-jock' musings on Bob's credibility seem like a calculated attempt to jolt Dylan nuts out of their collective smugness.

I find it quite funny really and not totally serious. (Credibility? I think he's been reading too many copies of his son/daughter's NME. Either that or he has recently bought The Guardian for the first time in his life.)

(Full text online at:

* Thanks to Joe King:
I would not presume to have the measure of "Dylan Daily" readers' views but, once ISIS had posted news of the new album on its website, the story was quickly picked up by other websites, including UNCUT and ROLLING STONE. This may not amount to "excitement" but it does show that Dylan news provokes great interest.

I will not be attending the O2 Arena show either...

(Full text online at:

* Thanks to Fred Bals, writer of the very fine Dreamtime blog:
"In a word, "No."

"In more than one word:
* If the activity on the various Dylan forums and at Dreamtime are any indication, fans are eagerly looking forward to a new album... and it hasn't even been officially announced yet.
* I can't speak to...

(Full text online at:


Dylan's declining credibility?

Thanks to Martin Cowan:

Is there any excitement among Dylan Daily readers for either:

* a new Dylan album or

* "in show and in person" at the O2 or any of the other venues on the UK tour?

Personally, I remain to be convinced that a new album will reveal anything startlingly original and I won't be going to any of the shows.

In fact, it occurs to me that Dylan's credibility is on the wane at the moment:

* was MT really that good?

* why is he doing these ads?

* have we all had enough of Theme Time Radio?

How he is judged following these shows and any new release will be crucial. The shows are likely to be compared to Cohen's glorious performances, and Mr Springsteen's new platter seems to be going down a storm.

Interesting times.

(Full text online at:


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