Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Michael Gray’s Dylan and the blues gig: “fascinating and enjoyable”

Thanks to David Carter:

“Michael Gray's one-man show, Bob Dylan & The Poetry of the Blues, kicked off on Thursday evening at the Colchester Arts Centre.

“The performance held at the Arts Centre, a redundant church, had a slightly surreal feel about it. The chilly church with its black drapes and dark stage set-up was heightened by Michael Gray dressed in a three-quarter length black jacket and with his silvery white hair he took on the appearance of a 19th century preacher as he spoke and guided us through the blues connections in Dylan's albums.

“The show looked at the blues singers who influenced Dylan throughout his career, using audio and video clips to illustrate the connections, and when Michael Gray picked up his "good book" (The Bob Dylan Encyclopaedia), to read a couple of passages, the spiritual experience was completed.

“A fascinating and enjoyable evening, if it comes to a venue near you make sure you don't miss it.”