Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dylan’s declining credibility? Encore #1

Thanks to Fred Bals, writer of the very fine Dreamtime blog:

”In a word, "No."

“In more than one word:

* If the activity on the various Dylan forums and at Dreamtime are any indication, fans are eagerly looking forward to a new album... and it hasn't even been officially announced yet.

* I can't speak to the second question, since I'm in the U.S., but I do know if he releases a new album, I'll be first in line for tickets when the N.E.T. comes back to the U.S.

* was MT really that good? Personal opinion of course, but I think there's lots to like about MT, especially When the Deal Goes Down and Beyond the Horizon. Of course, I'm a big Bing Crosby fan. :-)

* why is he doing these ads? Why shouldn't he? Mr. D's commercial affiliations doesn't impact my appreciation for his talent one whit. Should he be going, "Oh, no, my music is too pure to sell biscuits."?

* have we all had enough of Theme Time Radio? Jesus, the man is mad. Along with Chronicles, TTRH is one of the best non-music achievements Bob Dylan has ever produced. I hope he does it for a dozen more years.


Dylan’s declining credibility?

Thanks to Martin Cowan:

Is there any excitement among Dylan Daily readers for either:

* a new Dylan album or

* "in show and in person" at the O2 or any of the other venues on the UK tour?

Personally, I remain to be convinced that a new album will reveal anything startlingly original and I won't be going to any of the shows.

In fact, it occurs to me that Dylan's credibility is on the wane at the moment:

* was MT really that good?

* why is he doing these ads?

* have we all had enough of Theme Time Radio?

How he is judged following these shows and any new release will be crucial. The shows are likely to be compared to Cohen's glorious performances, and Mr Springsteen's new platter seems to be going down a storm.

Interesting times.

Is Martin on the ball? Or is he off his rocker? Please let The Dylan Daily know what YOU think. Gerry Smith, Editor