Thursday, January 29, 2009

Those Blowin’ In The Wind TV ads for the Co-Op supermarket chain

Two very different views:

* Micky Johns: “I’d go further: the new ads, like the women’s underwear ads from a few years ago, really upset me – what the Hell is Dylan playing at?”

* James Talbot: “Ask any musician and they’ll tell you that even earning a living from playing/singing is very hard. Few of them would begrudge Dylan or anyone else from taking the man for as much as he’s prepared to pay. In my opinion, Dylan should milk his back catalogue for all it’s worth - and good luck to him.”


The Tour’s OK, but the Co-op ads worry me

Thanks to Pauline King:

“Unlike some Dylan Daily readers, I don’t have a problem with the NET: I always love Dylan gigs, and I’m sure 2009 will be no different.

“But the upcoming UK TV ads for the Co-op, for which Sony/Bob has licensed Blowin’ In The Wind, make me uneasy.

“Some will be reassured by the worthy left leanings of the Co-op business – it supports good causes as well as selling groceries, financial services and funerals – but I can’t stand it. If my local Co-op was the only supermarket I could use, I’d rather go hungry - it reminds me of Eastern European communism.

“The risk of Dylan associating his great art with a business is that many might not like the business and view the art in a lesser light.”