Friday, January 09, 2009

Street Legal remasters: how good are they? Encore #2-4

* Thanks to Paul Ryles:

“In my opinion, either of the remastered versions of Street Legal, the 1999 remaster or the SACD issue, is worth a purchase.

“In both versions the 'muddy, muffled, insufficient separation...' of the original are gone. What you get is crystal clear music, so the muddy sound of the original was probably created at the mixing desk rather than as a result of poor recording in the studio.

“I think the transformation is nothing short of spectacular, but I will admit so some bias, as Street Legal has also been one of my favourites, even the muddy sounding vinyl original. I love the wordiness of the songs, especially as this was the time of disco.

“Hunt out either reissue and purchase, you won't be disappointed.”

* Thanks to Martin Cowan:

“In reply to your question, I would say yes, definitely worth getting. I have the 2003 remaster and it certainly is refreshing to hear this strong and intriguing set of songs in all its crystal-clear glory.

“I do have one reservation, however. While "Changing of the Guards" sounds superb (though there is a bizarre additional instrumental verse which sounds like it was somehow looped on to the end), many of the other tracks have an annoying echo on the vocals, which is a disappointment. This is a shame, because if you listen to "Senor" on "Biograph" (for which it was also remastered), there is no sign of the nasty echo.

“Reservations aside, I recommend you pick this up pronto.”

* And thanks to a third reader who sent a private message:

“I am probably some kind of weird person because I reckon I listen more to some of Street legal than just about anything else. From that
perspective then, at today's prices, I would say definitely worth it.

“In particular, Changing of the Guards and Where Are You Tonight? are much improved. Something I hadn't expected is that, compared with my old CD, the new one has maybe thirty seconds more instrumental at the end of Changing of the Guards which to my mind enhances the song. I like that song a lot, without having the foggiest idea what it's 'about'.”