Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tell Tale Signs - still doing it here

Well, several weeks down the line, Tell Tale Signs is still doing it here. I find myself listening to the ten or so tracks I didn’t previously know on repeat play for hours on end.

Magnificent - just like welcoming a new Dylan LP way back when…

I also enjoyed the copious sleeve notes. Except for the error about the Blood In My Eyes video: Ratso describes a “simple stroll from a pub through an English town”. The liner notes have three stills from that photo session.

The “town” is, in fact Camden Town - a district of London two miles north of the West End shopping/office district.

Sloman’s error is more forgiveable than that of native author Brian Hinton who, in his generally praiseworthy discography, names said London suburb as Crouch End, a very different sort of place a couple of miles from Camden. Tut, tut!

End of smartass whine-athon: Tell Tale Signs is a peach.

Gerry Smith