Monday, October 13, 2008

Tell Tale Signs Deluxe: another price, and a reaction

Fopp, the rump of the small failed UK music retail chain bought up by HMV, are selling the Tell Tale Signs Deluxe box for £84; the London branch had half a dozen well-secured copies on display on Friday evening. It looks (and feels) most impressive.

I’m not a great Dylan CD collector but if I was, I think I’d prefer the Deluxe box to be even more expensive – say £199 or £299. For that price, though, it would need to be supplied in a numbered, signed, limited edition (of 5-10,000 worldwide).

The present version seems to me to fall between two stools – too pricey for the mass market, but not pricey enough for a true collectable.

Meanwhile, el cheapo 2CD £12.99 version is giving immense pleasure in these parts – I’m not too sure about the sleeve notes, though.

Gerry Smith