Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Rolling Thunder Logbook – check out the 2005 edition

Having had the original edition of Sam Shepard’s Rolling Thunder Logbook since publication thirty years ago, I ignored what I assumed to be a reprint, published by Sanctuary in 2005.


The new version is far more than a reprint. It has the same Shepard text as the original, but in every other way it’s a new book. Apart from a new Preface and Foreword (by T-Bone Burnett), it features entirely new set of photographs in a radical redesign.

So, collectors need to check out the 2005 edition of The Rolling Thunder Logbook, even if they already have the original. Especially when it’s discounted to £3 (from £14) as it currently is at the reborn Fopp min-chain.

Other Zim bargains currently on sale at Fopp include Biograph (long box version) at £10, and CP Lee’s Like A Bullet Of Light, at £5.

Gerry Smith