Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New collectable Dylan T-shirts - in a very limited edition

Writer Michael Gray has a new, “very limited-edition” Bob Dylan Encyclopedia T-shirt for sale on his blogsite. An earlier version sold out in 2006.

According to Gray, the new shirt is “black high-quality cotton, again there’s the same understatedness to it - no writing, plain black back - but this time the image is silver instead of white (and the silver does not go grungy in the wash), and the sizes available are Small, Large or Extra Large. Photo and details on the blog.”

For readers unfamiliar with Gray’s writing, he’s the author of the recent, acclaimed Bob Dylan Encyclopedia (there’s a detailed Dylan Daily review in the Archive).

He was also the first writer, with his landmark book, Song and Dance Man: the Art of Bob Dylan (Abacus, 1973, 332pp, pbk), to fully grasp the literary dimensions of Dylan’s genius. For many, Gray’s milestone analysis confirmed the suspicion that Dylan's talent was on a different scale to that of his rocker contemporaries. Gray detailed exactly why Dylan is a great writer, helping to ensure that listening to the Mighty Zim would become a lifelong preoccupation.

Gerry Smith