Friday, August 28, 2009

New: rare 1966 limited edition photographs

Serious Dylan fans will be familiar with the photographs of the leading Dylan chroniclers – Elliott Landy, Daniel Kramer and half a dozen more.

But new names keep appearing on the radar – photographers whose work is little known outside collector circles.

One such is Charles Gatewood, whose photographs, shot in Stockholm in 1966, are about to published in limited edition book format. (They’re also available as single images.)

The press release follows.

Gerry Smith


For immediate release

- Deluxe Artist’s Book Available Sept 1 2009 –
- Limited to 61 Signed and Numbered Copies -

Each 11 x 14-inch handmade book contains quality reproductions of rare Dylan photos, shot in Stockholm, Sweden on April 29, 1966 by renowned photographer Charles Gatewood. Most of these extraordinary photographs have never been seen or published until now. This edition is designed and published by Dana Dana Dana Limited Editions.

“I was 23 years old, and had been photographing for two years. It was my first published photograph,” recalls Gatewood, referring to his now-iconic image ‘Bob Dylan With Cigarette,’ which was taken on April 29,1966. “Dylan was in his prime. He’d just released Blonde on Blonde and his song Like a Rolling Stone was a huge hit. The picture became a best-selling poster.”

Only 61 copies of A Complete Unknown (plus 5 artist proofs) will be printed. This exciting signed and numbered Bob Dylan collectible--showing Dylan at the peak of his musical career--will sell out quickly.

For complete information and to view a maquette of the book, please visit:

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The book will be available starting September 1, 2009.