Monday, July 13, 2009

Win new DVD - Bob Dylan 1978-1989: Both Ends Of The Rainbow

Thanks to MVD Entertainment Group’s Clint Weiler for supplying Bob Dylan 1978-1989 on DVD as the prize in a new Dylan Daily competition.

To win a copy of the new Special Edition 2 Disc Set of Bob Dylan 1978-1989: Both Ends Of The Rainbow, all you have to do is rank your three favourite Dylan albums released in the period covered by the DVD – number your three favourites 1, 2 and 3 – in an email sent to, with the subject header “DVD comp”.

All entries will be put into a (virtual) hat and the winner will be drawn this Friday, 17 July, @ 1600 GMT and announced on The Dylan Daily (unless the lucky winner has specified “privacy” in his/her email entry).

Here’s a reminder of the albums to consider in your ranking:

Street-Legal (1978)
At Budokan (1978)
Slow Train Coming (1979)
Saved (1980)
Shot of Love (1981)
Infidels (1983)
Real Live (1984)
Empire Burlesque (1985)
Biograph (1985)
Knocked out Loaded (1986)
Down in the Groove (1988)
Dylan and the Dead (1989)
Oh Mercy (1989)

Good luck!

Gerry Smith