Friday, June 19, 2009

“Dylan” DVD series from Wienerworld: what do you think?

This week’s review on The Dylan Daily of the new DVD Bob Dylan - Never Ending Tour Diaries attracted loads of interest.

I’ve yet to see the rest of the “Dylan” DVDs in the series from Wienerworld, so I would value your opinions: are they worth buying?

If you’ve seen any of five DVDs in the series, listed below, please let The Dylan Daily know what you think –

* Bob Dylan - Never Ending Tour Diaries (Winston Watson)

* Bob Dylan - 1966 World Tour – The Home Movies (Mickey Jones)

* Bob Dylan World Tours 1966 – 1974 (Barry Feinstein photos)

* Bob Dylan – 1975 – 1981: Rolling Thunder & The Gospel Years

* Inside Bob Dylan's Jesus Years

Thanks in advance.

Gerry Smith