Monday, April 06, 2009

Dylan posters: my favourite – Milton Glaser’s psychedelia

Thanks to Gerald Bamford:

“Adding to the poster debate, I have a fondness for the Milton Glaser psychedelic artefact which was on the front cover of one of the books about Bob in the ‘70s (you tell me which one) and given away with the US version of More BD's Greatest Hits.

“A friend gave me his copy as a birthday present and I often used it as a backdrop to Back Pages gigs (a Bob Dylan Covers band in which I play rooted in Norfolk - contact me for bookings) until I left it on the wall in the bar at the Norwich Arts Centre by mistake and it had disappeared by the next day and is now on somebody else's wall.

“If that somebody else is reading this and he/she feels guilty I can be contacted through dylandaily. I think it can be purchased through Amazon even now.

“I also had a wonderful (I thought so anyway) copy of the Isle of Wight poster which my then girlfriend took down from an advertising wall in Portsmouth and which had been put on at least 20 or so other previous posters and so was pretty rigid.

“I left that on a wall in a house in West London after we'd been kicked out for reasons beyond my control and when I realised and went back to retrieve it, was told that it was being burned out the back with the rest of the rubbish we'd left!


“I'm very pleased to share that with you.”

Dylan posters: my favourite – Isle Of Wight 1969

Thanks to John Adams:

“My favourite Dylan poster is the handbill for the 1969 Isle Of Wight festival.

“It uses the Nashville Skyline cover portrait, but cleverly juxtaposes it with a repeated image of The Band from one of their albums.

“There was another poster for the gig – a portrait of Dylan in shades – but it wasn’t half as attractive or evocative.”


Hanging a copy of the lovely Drawn Blank poster, courtesy of Woking’s Lightbox gallery, reminded me of the pleasures of having a fine Dylan poster or two on the wall. And encouraged me to acquire a few more.

But which posters? And where from?

Your advice on favourite Dylan poster(s) and preferred suppliers would be very welcome.

Gerry Smith