Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dylan’s weakest song #10

Thanks to Peter Mackie:

“For those who think Sad-Eyed Lady is one of his strongest and most evocative songs, there is a treat on YouTube in the form of what seems to be the hotel rehearsal.

“I am in the Martin Carthy camp - from ‘62 to ’83, the quality control for such a prolific writer was outstanding. There are slight songs (I shall be free, Pill Box Hat), there are songs of their time (With God on our Side was pretty powerful in 1963, how does it feel now?), there are songs which have improved with age (Boots of Spanish Leather, Where are You Tonight?) but precious few weak songs.

“I think side three of Blonde on Blonde, with the exception of Absolutely Sweet Marie, dips below the standards of the holy trilogy. But that just goes to show how stellar those standards are.”