Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Dylan book - in the loving tongue

Fellow collectors of Dylan books will be grateful to JB Heinink - who runs the excellent zimmingpoint site – for news of a Spanish book due next month:


Thanks also to the book’s author, Antonio Curado, who sent this:

“Hi Gerry, this is Antonio Curado. I had written a book about Bob, '20/20 VISION: Notes About Bob Dylan's Work'. It'll be in the spanish bookshops about the 18th October (Ed. Covarrubias).

“Press Note:
Bob Dylan, in spite of indisputable periods of spiritual blindness, had overcame usually his clumsy physical vision with the poetic lucidity that is just property of a chosen few. The '20/20 Vision' pages try to approach to his work through the analysis of several aspects that, all together, become part of a revealing jigsaw: the bibliography published, in Spain and out of it; the big amount of interviews that, against the usual opinion, had made; the controversial concert in the Bolonia Eucaristical Congress, in 1997,
understood right here in the book just like another concert of the Never Ending Tour; the awesome "Like a Rolling Stone" in the MTV Unplugged; the fundamental and driving force for his artistic recovering since 1987 of the song "Joey" and, finally, his sensational radio show 'Theme Time Radio Hour', basic clue to
understand his development these last years.”