Friday, February 09, 2007

Mr Tambourine Man – McGuinn almost upstages Zim

An uplifting clip from a Roy Orbison memorial broadcast from 1990 has three Byrds survivors backing Dylan on Mr Tambourine Man. The early highlight in both the sound and vision mixes is Jim McGuinn’s soaring lyric tenor.

Early on, McGuinn’s dwarf Dylan’s vocals. Later in the clip, in the duet with McGuinn, the Bobby charisma kicks in and there’s no doubt who’s leader of the pack. Dylan’s enigmatic wry smile indicates he’s not entirely unaware of the fact (memories of the Donovan shot in Don’t look Back).

This beautiful piece of television closes with some spellbinding two/three/four part harmonies.

Somebody should have had a quiet word with the cavorting Boomer granny, though … .